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Релиз MooTools 1.2.4

На данный момент, MooTools 1.2 имеет очень стабильный API, и код является 100% совместимым с предыдущими версиями.

Список изменений:

  • over 30 issues fixed or closed (in lighthouse)
  • New feature: Element.Delegation - a partial port of event delegation from MooTools 2.0 (does not support custom events or blur/focus)
  • New feature: Elements.From converts html strings to DOM elements
  • New feature: Depender - a client side MooTools dependency loader ** Related: Depender App - a server side implementation (that’s much faster) - more on this in a later post
  • New feature: Mask - masks elements (including the window) with a semi-opaque overlay
  • New feature: Spinner - automates the creation of ajax spinners over DOM elements being updated (previously known as Waiter on Clientcide.com)
  • New feature: Form.Request, Form.Request.Append - automates creating ajax forms that update HTML in DOM elements (previously Fupdate on Clientcide.com)
  • New feature: HtmlTable, HtmlTable.Zebra, HtmlTable.Sort, HtmlTable.Select - interactive and auto-generated html table elements
  • New feature: Keyboard - a robust event manager for keyboard groupings
  • Added new option to Fx.Accordion: returnHeightToAuto
  • FormValidator is now Form.Validator ** Added credit card number validator to FormValidator
  • MooTools Lang is now a part of MooTools More (again)
  • Added timeDiff method to Date.Extras
  • Added ability to ignore scroll position with Element.Position
  • Element.setPosition is now Element.position (non-breaking change)
  • Added hideAll and showAll methods for OverText
  • Added Element.isVisible method
  • URI’s get method no longer returns null for missing parts; it returns an empty string.
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes

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